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Jake Tapper Rains on Marco Rubio’s Parade: Per Mueller, Russians Were Behind ‘Serious Campaigns of Election Interference’

CNN’s Jake Tapper wasn’t about to let Sen. Marco Rubio get away with his post-Mueller findings happy dance on Twitter Sunday night, or at least without comment.

So, he threw a little Russian interference rain on his parade.

“After thorough & unimpeded investigation #MuellerReport ‘did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government…DESPITE MULTIPLE OFFERS FROM RUSSIAN-AFFILIATED INDIVIDUALS TO ASSIST THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN,'” Rubio wrote.

Tapper replied: “Not an unimportant emphasis — the Russians tried and they were, per Mueller, behind the hacks and serious campaigns of election interference. What more will US leaders do to prevent that from happening again?”

So far, Rubio has not gotten back to him, at least on Twitter, but Sen. John Cornyn did.

Rubio was also not the only one celebrated Sunday on Twitter after Attorney General William Barr‘s Mueller report summary came out.

Sen. Lindsey Graham posted a number of celebratory tweets.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity wrote this in all-caps:

Then, there was Donald Trump Jr., who was very busy on Twitter Sunday night, including this tweet touting his hotness:

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