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Outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown: Sanctuary State Law Has ‘Nothing to Do’ With the Cpl. Singh’s Murder

Outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown (D) said it would be wrong to blame the state’s sanctuary status for the murder of police officer Ronil Singh during his exit interview with ABC 10.

“The Stanislaus County sheriff has come out, you know, pretty critical of the sanctuary state policies that you signed into law in 2017. What do you make of that criticism and do you think that perhaps a side effect of those laws is that more bad actors might fall through the cracks,” Liz Kreutz asked Brown.

“No I don’t think so,” Brown replied, saying he knows the sheriff and the case of Singh’s murder being a tragedy, “but in this case the individual had been arrested and actually convicted twice of driving under the influence and there was a warrant out for his arrest and no one picked him up.”

Brown said the arrested suspect, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, had been in jail prior to the sanctuary state provision being enacted into law and federal agencies were able to come and pick him up.

“In our prison system, there is complete cooperation with immigration, and besides that,” he added, “The records of when a person is in jail and when they’re going to be released…that’s all public records, so, if they put that on the web page, that can easily be available to immigration service.”

Brown remained adamant Singh’s murder had “nothing to do” with California’s sanctuary status.

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