Pelosi Says She’ll ‘Never Forgive’ Trump For ‘His Lackeys and His Bullies’ He Sent to the Capitol on Jan. 6: ‘You Cannot Erase That’


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) bluntly declared that she will “never forgive” former President Donald Trump for the “trauma” inflicted on Congressional staff during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Pelosi made the remarks during her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday, responding to a reporter’s question about Jan. 6 by saying that she “did not fault anybody” for not predicting what happened because there were no preparations that could have occurred where “anybody could predict that the President of the United States would incite an insurrection, and a violent one.”

She added that she was “very proud” of  the work so far of the Jan. 6 committee “for the actions they are taking to seek the truth” and to “protect the Capitol further” from future such attacks.

She then focused her criticism on the “trauma” inflicted on staffers during the riot:

Well, I’ll never forgive, I’ll never forgive, the former President of the United States and his lackeys and his bullies that he sent the Capitol, for the trauma that was exerted on our staff. These are largely younger people, who come with idealism to work in the Capitol, from either side of the aisle. And for us who sign up for this when we run for office, it’s bad enough, for our families to see the danger we were in…

When I saw what it meant to the staff, the way it traumatized them, it was frightening. That’s something that you cannot, you cannot just say, “well, we’ll do legislation to make sure this or that doesn’t happen again.” You cannot erase that.

Watch the video clips above, via MSNBC and Twitter.

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