Seth Meyers Skewers Trump For Border Policy Lies, Fits in Roasting of Steve Doocy


Seth Meyers spent time on his show Wednesday night ripping President Donald Trump‘s lies and at one point even getting in a jab at Fox and Friends Steve Doocy.

Speaking during “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers started by saying that Trump’s true political skill lies in the fact he has no shame.

“Trump’s only political skill is his total and complete lack of shame,” Meyers said. “His malignant narcissism allows him to confidently and brazenly lie in the way that most other politicians would be too embarrassed to even try.”

He then turned to Trump signing the executive order, stressing that Trump does not deserve credit when he created the problem himself.

“You don’t get credit for solving a problem when you yourself created the problem,” Meyers continued on. “You can’t eat half a cheeseburger, put it down and say you’re a vegan—especially when everyone knows you’re just waiting for people to stop paying attention so you can finish your cheeseburger.”

Then he said this: “Whether it’s the birther lie or the ‘Mexicans are rapists’ lie or the idea that Democrats are responsible for separating families, Trump’s paranoid fantasies are a Rosetta Stone for understanding what’s happening right now.”

At one point, Meyers also took a moment to rip on “State TV  outlet” Fox and Friends.

He then showed a clip of Trump telling Doocy, “we have the great brain power right in this country, I’m proud to say and you are certainly a member of that group.”

Meyers replied with a shake of the head and a “no” before adding, “You think Steve Doocy has brain power, the guy who lost his [bleep] when you complimented him on air?”

He then showed a clip of Doocy losing his [bleep] on the air.

Meyers normally concludes his 10-minute segment with a joke.

Tonight, however, he had a serious message for America.

“This is not who we are but it is who we are right now,” Meyers said. “You personally might not be this, but who we are is too often decided by those in power, which is why you vote. So remember, if you want who we are to match with who you are, you have to get up early and vote next chance you have.”

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