Steve Bannon Subpoenaed By Special Counsel: Report


Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by a Washington, D.C. grand jury to testify in the Jan. 6 probe, according to reporting by NBC News.

NBC cited “two sources familiar with the matter.”

“The subpoena, for documents and testimony, was sent out in late May, the sources said,” NBC reported.

Ari Melber broke the news to viewers on MSNBC:

This news is breaking tonight and it’s for the Washington, D.C., grand jury. And, if you’re keeping track, Mr. Bannon was not working in the White House or involved with classified documents in any way at the end of Donald Trump’s tenure. He had long since left the White House. His activities that are under scrutiny related to what he seemed to know and what he talked publicly in advance of Jan. 6, the “wild day that was coming.” And indeed, in some of our legal breakdowns, we’ve shown how central Steve Bannon proved to be in what turned out to be more than a rally, but an insurrection.

And now we know, with all this heat rising, Mr. Bannon, who up until this point had been pursued by the Jan, 6 committee, and even fought them so far that he ended up indicted on those other issues, the issues of defiance, now he’s being subpoenaed by Jack Smith to really talk.

A judge sentenced Bannon in Oct. 2022 to four months in jail and a $6,500 fine after he refused to comply with a congressional subpoena.

“The Jan. 6 Committee thus has every reason to investigate what happened that day,” the judge wrote, adding that “respect for Congress” is “an important piece of our Constitutional system.”

NBC News reached out to special counsel Jack Smith, as well as to Steve Bannon‘s attorney. Both declined to comment on this latest subpoena, according to NBC.

Watch the MSNBC clip above.

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