Tommy Christopher Slams Media Coverage of Biden, Warren, and Harris: ‘Black Voters Are Being Erased’


Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher gave an interview to HillTV on Thursday where he chastised the political media for taking a dismissive attitude toward black voters in the 2020 election.

HillTV host Krystal Ball asked Christopher for his thoughts on how the media has “really given [Elizabeth] Warren a pass” on certain issues, and Christopher said he and others have observed that “the press is her base.”

“It’s been my observation…that I think basically the problem with this coverage is black voters are being erased,” he continued. “Part of that’s because the media is overwhelmingly white, and Warren’s support is overwhelmingly white, and people mention that, but it’s always couched in really sort of offensive and dismissive terms.”

Christopher made his point by referring to his recent coverage of Mark McKinnon, who recently said on CNN that black voters will “come aboard” for Warren if she wins Iowa and New Hampshire.

He also pointed out that “Joe Biden has a huge lead with black voters” that continues to grow even as Warren closes with him nationally, but noted that — as Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov recently  wrote, the media speaks about Biden’s popularity with black voters as if “they always just assume that it’s because they think Biden can win, and that’s it.”

“This goes to another point about how this stuff gets covered because it drives us all nuts that the mainstream media has spent three years now obsessively interviewing Trump voters. When was the last time you saw a panel of Hillary Clinton voters, and when was the last time you saw a panel of black voters? So people want to go on TV and say why they think black voters support Joe Biden, why don’t you ask a few?”

Christopher also noted how CNN was generous with their airtime recently after conducting a very soft interview with Warren and her husband, contrasting it with their treatment of Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

“I did a story about this puff interview that CNN did with Elizabeth Warren, it was like 10 minutes, it was complete fluff, and it had no value whatsoever,” Christopher said. “And then I saw over the weekend Kyung Lah [CNN reporter] was tweeting out video of Kamala Harris having dinner with this Iowa family, and I thought ‘Oh I can’t wait to see this package on CNN.'”

“They used 13 seconds of it, and the rest of it was a package about her ‘stalled campaign,’ and in the package they talk to like four or five white voters. One of them actually called Harris ‘articulate,'” Christopher said. “This is how Harris is being covered, versus how Elizabeth Warren’s being covered, and I think the root problem is black voters are being erased.”

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