Tommy Tuberville Says US Wouldn’t Be Able to Take on China Because of ‘Wokeness’: ‘We’ve Got People Doing Poems on Aircraft Carriers’


Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) told Fox News on Wednesday that the United States would not be able to confidently take on China due to “wokeness” in the military, which has led to servicemen “doing poems on aircraft carriers.”

After accusing the Biden administration of wanting to “check boxes” and make everything “about equity” with its military policies, Tuberville — who is currently holding up US military promotions in protest of the Biden administration’s military abortion policy — told Fox News host Laura Ingraham, “One thing, Laura, about the military. It’s not an equal opportunity employer.”

He continued:

I don’t care if C.Q. Brown says, ‘I want more Black pilots.’ Well I’m fine with that if they’re the best. There’s no second place in war, okay? We have to have the best and, right now, we are so woke in the military we’re losing recruits right and left. Secretary Del Toro of the Navy, he needs to get to building ships, he needs to get to recruiting, and he needs to get wokeness out of our Navy. We’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers over the loudspeaker. It is absolutely insane the direction that we’re heading in our military and we’re heading downhill, not uphill.

After Ingraham asked, “Could we confidently take on China?” Tuberville replied, “Oh no. Oh no. No, and we’re running Russia into China. They’re combining up and now BRICS is very, very concerning to me because they’re controlling all the petroleum in the world.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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