Twitter Calls ‘Bullsh*t’ On Report that Bill Barr ‘Considering’ Resignation Over Trump’s Tweets


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Many political thought leaders, and those who simply have a Twitter account, recently revealed deep skepticism of a new report saying Attorney General Bill Barr might quit his job.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday night that Barr is “considering quitting” over Donald Trump’s tweets about Justice Department matters. A source described Barr’s thinking by saying the AG “has his limits,” and the report comes after Barr gave an interview where he complained that the president’s tweets “make it impossible for me to do my job.”

Trump has acknowledged that his tweets make Barr’s life more difficult, all while defending his right as president to direct the AG and comment on DOJ cases involving his allies. Whether there is a real dispute between Trump and Barr though, many people have taken to Twitter and said they aren’t buying the notion that Barr will resign over Trump’s tweets.

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