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Herman Cain: My Ambition Is Not To Get My Own Show On Fox, ‘I Want To Be President’

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is trying to make as big a splash as possible as he tries to launch himself into the first tier of Republican candidates. With an exciting “Herman Cain Train” campaign video already under his belt, now a profile in The Washington Post may also help to lend his campaign more credibility with primary voters.

Cain doesn’t hesitate to offer some straight talk about his Republican opponents. The article suggests he thinks the field is full of lifetime politicians who are thin on credibility. Regarding Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, Cain describes both as being “much more risk-averse” and suggests that for Newt Gingrich, his “time has come and gone.” Instead, Cain argues he is authentic and his excitement will translate to success with the voters.

And in an attempt to silence critics who still consider him to be just entertainment, Cain even gets in a dig at non-candidates like Mike Huckabee and potentially Sarah Palin, suggesting “I don’t have this long-term ambition of I want my own show on Fox. I want to be President.” Tea Party leaders proudly embrace Cain in the article, a hint that Cain’s popularity can continue to increase in the future. Yet Cain reveals that many of his black neighbors “are shocked that I have become a tea party guy, because they have drunk the Kool-Aid on this racist thing.”

Check out the full article in The Washington Post.

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