In Between Fox News Appearances, Trump Rants About Network to Limbaugh: ‘Fox Is a Problem’


President Donald Trump called into Fox Business and Fox News on Thursday for lengthy interviews in which he sounded off on a number of topics, including his continued recovery from Covid-19. He will be on Fox News again Friday night — for what is being described as a “medical evaluation” — as well as this coming Sunday for another interview with Maria Bartiromo.

But in between those appearances, the president went on a rant about the network in his marathon interview with Rush Limbaugh, complaining that the network isn’t the same anymore and going after two specific Democrats they have on air that bug him.

During a discussion about the debates, Trump reflected on his performance at the first debate and went after Joe Biden before turning to Chris Wallace yet again, calling him “the one who protected” Biden.

“Fox is a whole different ballgame,” Trump continued. “Fox is a much different thing than it was four years ago.”

The president said Fox still has some “great ones” like Sean Hannity but suggested that Paul Ryan being on the Fox board “has something to do with” why the network is different now.

“The obstacles that keep being placed in front of you are no doubt there,” Limbaugh said. “I’ve never seen anything like this become, the things you have to overcome.”

Trump referred to Fox as “a big obstacle” and said, “Fox is a problem. When Roger Ailes ran Fox, I mean, Roger had a strong point of view that’s totally gone. And I think it’s influenced by Paul Ryan. He’s on the board, I can’t believe it.”

After going on a tangent about how ineffective Ryan was as Speaker, Trump called out two specific people on Fox News he doesn’t like… Donna Brazile and Chris Hahn.

He hit Hahn for being a “Schumer guy” and Brazile for being hired by Fox following that CNN debate question controversy, saying she’s not even “great entertainment.”

“This unfairness never ends,” Limbaugh agreed.

You can listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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