WATCH: Chris Broussard Makes Stunningly Inaccurate Assessment of Why the Bills Lost to the Titans


After the Buffalo Bills lost their Monday Night Football matchup against the Tennessee Titans on a controversial coaching decision, Fox Sports host Chris Broussard thought he had the perfect hot take.

With seconds left in the game, the Bills bypassed a possible chip shot game-tying field goal and instead attempted to convert on fourth and short. Bills quarterback Josh Allen dove forward for the quarterback sneak, but he slipped and the play was quickly stuffed by Tennessee, ending the game in regulation.

Tuesday morning on First Things First, Broussard managed to come up with what he considered obvious analysis, yet shockingly, no other analyst had the gall to utter it.

“Yes Josh Allen slipped, but it got blown up on the left side because of the pressure by Tennessee. I wonder why? Could it be because Buffalo’s Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan was injured?” Broussard asked.

The Pro Bowl left tackle was injured in the game and carted off the field to be evaluated for a possible concussion. But Lewan’s injury had no impact on Buffalo’s ability to run the ball, because the star left tackle plays for Tennessee, a major note that appeared to escape Broussard during his rant.

Broussard then referred to Bills’ “second-stringer” Dion Dawkins as “whoever that is.” This past offseason, Dion Dawkins and the Bills agreed to a four-year, $58.3 million contract. Heck of a haul for a second-stringer.

A few minutes later, Broussard interrupted the show and said, “I’m not afraid to admit I made a mistake, Taylor Lewan plays for the Titans and not the Bills.” Surely someone who works on the show recognized Broussard’s cringeworthy take and alerted him of the blunder.

Everyone makes mistakes, but this was a big one for Broussard, who is better known for his NBA prowess. Nobody asked the Fox Sports host about Lewan unexpectedly, he came up with this take himself. If you’re going to build an argument around a player, knowing the team he’s on should be step one.

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