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WATCH: Reporter Doesn’t Realize He’s Talking to Adrian Peterson in ‘Man On the Street’ Interview

NFL Reinstates Adrian Peterson After Domestic Abuse Suspension

Adrian Peterson Officially Reinstated in NFL

NFL Suspends Adrian Peterson with No Pay for Rest of 2014 Season

Concha: Teflon NFL’s Attendance and Ratings Up Despite Controversies

Adrian Peterson Pleas to Misdemeanor for Child Abuse Charges

Bill Maher: Adrian Peterson Orgy ‘Reminds Me of the Tea Party’

Fox’s Bolling Compares Obama Handling ISIS to NFL Treatment of Domestic Abuse

MSNBC’s Dyson Diagnoses ‘Reproduction of Pathology’ of Black Child Abuse from Slavery

Concha: Media Apathetic on Abuse Charges Against Soccer Star Hope Solo

Fmr. Coach Backs Peterson: ‘Going Overboard on Discipline’ Not Like Domestic Violence

Hannity Removes Belt and Smacks It on Desk During Segment on Peterson

Concha: Sponsors Talk Tough, Do Nothing in Soapbox Sermon to NFL

Hannity: Liberals Could Make It ‘Child Abuse’ for Parents to Tell Kids ‘Being Gay Is Not Normal’

Watch the Vikings’ Position on Adrian Peterson Change over Four Statements

Vikings Suspend Adrian Peterson Indefinitely over Child Abuse Charges

Don Lemon: Not ‘Condoning’ Peterson’s Actions, But Parents Have ‘Right to Discipline’ Children

Adrian Peterson Foundation Takes Website Offline Citing ‘Harassment’

Concha: Outrage Industry Works Overtime on NFL Chaos, Signifying Nothing

Adrian Peterson Allegedly Beat Another One of His Children

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