Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway Pokes Fun at That Time Everyone Kind of Hated Her

Anne Hathaway Spoke Her Mind at the UN Today

Anne Hathaway and Rihanna Join The All-Female Reboot of Ocean’s Eleven

Anne Hathaway Gives Oscar-Hosting Advice to NPH: ‘Do the Opposite of What I Did’

The Oscars Running Diary: Boobs! Babs! Beards! Ben! (And WAY Too Many Musicals)

Michel Nischan Caters Star-Studded Obama Fundraiser

Nerdprom Isn’t Just For ‘Nerds’: White House Correspondents Dinner Is A Red Hot Ticket

James Franco Tells David Letterman What Went Wrong With The Oscars

Actually, Every Year Someone Calls The Academy Awards ‘Worst Oscars Ever’

More Oscars! James Franco And Anne Hathaway Take On Grease In Moment Cut From Last Night’s Opening

Worst Oscars Ever? Reviewers Spare No Slam In Merciless Post-Mortems

Sex, Love & The Double Standard (and the Oscars)

James Franco And Anne Hathaway Will Host The Academy Awards

Some Big Surprises As 2010 Academy Award Nominations Are Announced!

The Inglourious Oscar Nominations Are In! Avatar, Hurt Locker Lead

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