Trump to Reporter Who Questioned His Claim About ‘Hardened Criminals’ Entering US: ‘Don’t Be a Baby’

WATCH: Seth Meyers Tells the Hilarious Story of His Wife Giving Birth In Their Building’s Lobby

Trump Held Up a Baby Dressed Like Him at His Rally Tonight

Man Punches Baby in the Face Then Gives the Best Possible Explanation

Guess What Happened When a Crying Baby Was Seated Inches From a Hungry Lion

‘I Love Babies!’: Trump Goes Off on the Press for Saying He Threw Out a Baby

This Squirmy Toddler Sends a Whole Newscast Into Silly Mode

Crybaby: Trump Ejects Crying Infant From Rally

WATCH: Refugee Threatens to Throw Baby When Threatened With Displacement

Ivanka Trump Announces Birth of Baby Boy Via Twitter

This Baby and Her Incredible Hair Are Very Famous Now

This Sportscaster Casually Walked Off Set When His Wife Texted Him She Was Giving Birth

Baby Paleo Cookbook On Hold For Health Concerns, Unsurprisingly

Danny Bowien Uses Adorable Child to Announce New Location of New York Mission Chinese

PA Meteorologist Comes Out in Cute Facebook Baby Announcement

Apparently the Government Shutdown Caused People to Make Lots of Babies

Every Media Outlet: Hillary Grandkid the Most Consequential Baby Since Jesus

Huh? Pakistani Nine-Month-Old Charged with Attempted Murder

Brian Williams’ Feelings Wounded by Child Crying at the Mere Sight of Him

‘Devil Baby’ Makes News by Scaring Crap Out of New Yorkers

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