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WATCH: Ashleigh Banfield Pauses Show to Wish Mom a Happy Birthday

‘Happy Birthday Dad’: Morning Joe Toasts Zbigniew Brzezinski on 89th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday, Anthony Bourdain!

Happy Third Birthday to the Cronut: A Look Back at The Life of This Important Pastry

Happy 90th Birthday, Mimi Sheraton!

Paul Ryan Hopes John Boehner Has a ‘Sweet’ Birthday

North Korea Points to Birthday Dog Meme as Example of American Decadence

Watch an Entire Flight Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Disabled Little Girl

Sean Hannity Blames Liberals for Misspelling ‘Birthday’ on His Cake

President Obama (Unintentionally?) Threw Shade at Duff Goldman, All Because He Loves Pie

ABC News Shares 50 Ways to Honor Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday

WATCH: Flash Mob Serenades Rick Bayless for 60th Birthday with Infectiously Happy Hair Medley

Happy 65th Birthday, Ina Garten!

Flashback: Fox’s Chris Wallace Terrifies Rep. Paul Ryan With A Birthday Cake

RNC Sends DNC Cake With ‘You Didn’t Bake That’ In Honor Of Obama’s Birthday

Happy Third Birthday, Mediaite!

WATCH: In Honor Of Anthony Bourdain’s Birthday, Here’s His First TV Appearance

Happy Birthday, Incanto! Chris Cosentino’s Restaurant Turns 10

CNN Celebrates Anderson Cooper’s Birthday With ‘Turtle Man’ And A Giant Anderson Cake

Brighten Your Day With Richard Simmons’ 15th Birthday Message To Fox News

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