Paul Ryan Hopes John Boehner Has a ‘Sweet’ Birthday


boehner2-300x197Today is former Speaker of the House John Boehner‘s (R-Ohio) 66th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wished his predecessor a happy birthday on Twitter, the social medium both politicians — or, at least both politicians’ interns — use on a semi-regular basis.

But it wasn’t just any birthday tweet. No, it was a musical birthday tweet. Because Speaker Ryan made sure to include musical notes (♫) on either end of his two-line lyric.

The notes suggest a tune of some sort, and our best guess is the jokey “This Is Your Birthday Song, It Isn’t Very Long” meant for children ages three to eight.

It’s a cute show of respect for the older Boehner, but Ryan’s apparent goofiness on social media got me thinking. Has the 54th Speaker of the House ever used Twitter for similar shenanigans in the past? The answer is yes, especially when it comes to birthdays.

@SpeakerRyan is a fairly recent account, but Ryan’s team has used @PRyan since August 2012, when he entered the presidential race as Mitt Romney‘s running mate on the Republican ticket. He’s wished Romney a happy birthday.

In fact, he’s highlighted Romney’s day of birth every year for the past three years. He even used the #tbt (Throwback Thursday) hashtag for the last two, possibly as a friendly reminded of their failed political campaign.

Other recipients of Ryan’s tweeted birthday wishes include former President George W. Bush.

His father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (albeit late).

For good measure, Green Bay Packers legend Vince Lombardi.

And, of course, his old pal Boehner.

Ryan isn’t consistent with his birthday wishes, unless he’s wishing a happy one to Romney. He always wishes the former Republican presidential candidate a happy birthday. It’s almost like he can’t not wish Romney a happy one. (I suspect some kind of Illuminati curse.)

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