For First Time in 3 Years, Iraqis Celebrate Palm Sunday In ISIS-Devastated Church

Sorry, Chechnya LGBT Murders Don’t Prove ‘Christian Countries Do it Too’

College Suspends Christian Student For Challenging Muslim Professor

RNC Speaker Antonio Sabato Jr.: Obama’s a Muslim, ‘I Don’t Believe’ He’s Christian

The Only GOP Refugee Plan Is Just a Naked Appeal to Islamophobia

West Point Military Study Warns Of ‘America’s Violent Far-Right’

Maryland Pastor: Hurricane Sandy Struck NYC Because Mayor Bloomberg Donated To Gay Marriage Campaign

Christian Radio Host Predicts: ‘There Will Be Blood’ And ‘Civil Unrest’ If Obama Loses Election

Tony Perkins To O’Reilly: Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Hate Group’ Label Gave Shooter ‘License’

Bill Maher: Liberty University Giving Out Diplomas ‘Cheapens’ Everyone Else’s

Romney Commencement Address At Liberty University: Marriage Is ‘Between One Man And One Woman’

60 Minutes Confronts Israeli Ambassador After He Pressured CBS To Drop Story On Palestinian Christians

GOP Rep Raul Labrador Calls Out Lawrence O’Donnell’s Mormon Bashing On Meet the Press

Rick Warren To Jake Tapper: Christians Have Big ‘Sticking Points’ With Some Mormon Beliefs

Fox News Guests Clash Over Whether Or Not ABC’s GCB Is Anti-Christian

Conservative Christian GOP Politician Caught Making Purchases At Canadian Gay Sex Shop

Bill Maher: All Religions Are ‘Magic Tricks’ But Mormonism Is ‘Novelty Shop’ Magic Trick

Egyptians Tell Christiane Amanpour To Leave And Yell “We Hate America”

Oops! Rachel Maddow Confuses Jewish Cultural Center For YMCA

This Exists: Stephen Baldwin’s Website Asking For Charitable Donations

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