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Berkeley Said No to Ann Coulter But Yes to Radical Leftist Sunsara Taylor

Joy Reid Roundly Derided for Tweeting That Russia Is Still a Communist State

Limbaugh: Sanders Supporters Are Gonna Get ‘Shafted’ by His Communist Ideology

Hillary: NRA’s Stubbornness on Gun Control Reminds Me of the Iranians and Communists

Giuliani: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists

This Town Celebrated Downfall of Communism with Urinating Lenin Statue

Glenn Beck: De Blasio Victory May Turn New York City Into the ‘Next Detroit’

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Socialist-Communist Vision’ Fueling Liberal Fight for Obamacare

MSNBC’s Karen Finney Hangs Up on Hugh Hewitt Over…

Victoria Jackson Goes Off The Rails On O’Reilly: First Thing Communists Do Is They Kill The Christians

Rachel Maddow: There Is A ‘Whole Swath’ On The Right That Thinks McCarthyism Is A Good Thing

Is Sen. Ted Cruz ‘The New McCarthy’? Report Says He Accused Harvard Law Faculty Of Harboring ‘Communists’

Sarah Palin: Most Americans Dislike Capitalism Because They Confuse Crony Capitalism With ‘Good’ Capitalism

Pat Robertson: Gays And Liberals ‘Don’t Want Freedom,’ They Want A ‘Dictatorship’ Like ‘Communism’

Matthews Confronts Lady Who Tells Him To Do His Homework, ‘Obama Is A Communist, Buddy’

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Compares Solyndra To Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba

C-SPAN Caller Challenges Rep. Allen West To Name ‘Communists’ In Congress

Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Arrives In Newark Airport Today

Does President Obama’s New ‘Forward’ Slogan Prove He’s A Marxist?

Soledad O’Brien Confronts Allen West Over His Communist Allegations

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