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David Petraeus

David Petraeus Is Out of the Running to Be National Security Advisor

Report: Trump Offers Flynn’s Job to Retired Navy SEAL Robert Harward

Edward Snowden: David Petraeus Shared Info ‘Far More Highly Classified Than I Ever Did’

Your Critics Would Say You’re Being Hypocritical: Blitzer Pushes GOP Rep Over Support of Petraeus

REPORT: Trump is Now Considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State

Trump Considers Potential Sec. of State Who Was Convicted of Mishandling Classified Info

FBI Director Destroys Donald Trump Talking Point That Hillary Was Worse Than Petraeus

‘How Long Does a Person Pay for Their Mistake?’ Paula Broadwell Opens Up on Petraeus Affair

Petraeus Speaks Out: Hillary ‘Being Treated Fairly’ Over Emails

Chris Wallace Challenges Fiorina On Generals Claim: ‘Weren’t You Just Flat Wrong?’

Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Should Be Under Investigation For Five Different Crimes

David Petraeus Sentenced for Leaking Classified Material

LA Times Ed Board Knocks Obama Admin for Petraeus ‘Double Standard’

Petraeus to Plead Guilty, Avoid Trial over Leaking Classified Info During Affair

Petraeus Could Face Felony Charges for Leaking Classified Info

Chuck Todd and Ed Henry Caught Mocking McCain on Hot Mic

Sunday Show Round-Up: Who Won the CBO Report Spin War?

Petraeus: Clinton ‘Would Make a Tremendous President’ Because of…Benghazi?

The Mainstream Media Conjured President Obama’s ‘Worst Year Ever’

O’Reilly’s Jesse Watters Confronts Professor Organizing Anti-Petraeus Protests

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