Diane Sawyer

Bash for Dan Abrams’ New Book Lincoln’s Last Trial Draws Media Heavies

Colbert Doesn’t Support Impeaching Trump: Don’t Think It’s ‘That Great of an Idea’

Ashley Judd Tears Up Recounting Harvey Weinstein Encounter: ‘I Had No Warning’

WATCH: In 20/20 Preview, Caitlyn Jenner Attends Backyard BBQ With Bathroom Bill Supporters

Pamela Geller Attacks Megyn Kelly For Having a ‘Mancut’: She ‘Wants To Be Diane Sawyer’

Not Just Stephanopoulos: TV News Anchors Who’ve Worked in Politics

What ABC Left Out of the Bruce Jenner Special

The Bruce Jenner Republican Moment

The Ratings Are In for Bruce Jenner’s Big ABC News Special

‘For All Intents and Purposes, I Am a Woman’: Bruce Jenner Opens Up

ABC News Previews Jenner Interview with Lots of Male Pronouns

ABC Confirms Date for Diane Sawyer’s Exclusive Interview with Bruce Jenner

Diane Sawyer Reportedly Scores First Interview with Transitioning Bruce Jenner

Diane Sawyer Signs Off from ABC World News: ‘I Am Not Slowing Down’

Katie Couric Reportedly Wondered Who Diane Sawyer ‘Blew This Time’ to Land Exclusive Interview

ABC World News Leads with LeBron and Twitter Is Not Happy About It

ABC World News Misidentifies Photo of Palestinians as Suffering Israelis

ABC World News #1 in Demo This Quarter for First Time in 6 Years

Limbaugh Thinks ABC Fired Diane Sawyer for Mistreating Hillary Clinton

Clintons Taking Turns Explaining Family Fortune Only Worsens Their PR Problem

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