Celeb Chef Mario Batali Takes Leave From Businesses After Multiple Groping Allegations

Pizza is BAE, and More for Your Lunch Break

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Here’s Alton Brown Giving Excellent Shade to Food Network, Twice

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LA Weekly & Eater Founder Get Into It Over Kat Odell’s Portrayal On Eat, Drink, Love

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Robert Sietsema Praises Eater’s ‘Strict Ethical Standards’

Eater Snatches Up Newly Unemployed Robert Sietsema

Dear Yelpers: Chris Kostow Is Not Racist, Thank You Very Much

Ruth Reichl: The New Yorker Will Remain Untouched Forever Binges On The Corpse of Gourmet

Eater Will Pay You $25 to Stop Writing About Food on the Internet

Who Said It? “Screw Bill Clinton — He’s A Misogynistic Sociopath!”

Pass The Salt (and The Knives): Goodbye Bruni, Hello Sifton

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