Elena Kagan

Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh’s Unique Group of Friends Includes Elena Kagan, Judge Judy

Justice Sotomayor Doesn’t Believe SCOTUS Will Ever Be Diverse Enough to Look Just Like America

Kagan: SCOTUS Prayer Ruling Shows ‘Blindness’ to Secular Principles

Chief Justice John Roberts: ‘I Think It’s Only Fair To Treat You The Same’

MSNBC’s The Cycle Hosts Gush Over Lena Dunham’s Lazy, Trite And Desperate ‘First Time’ Ad

Chris Matthews Speculates How A Romney Presidency Would Change Supreme Court

Missed The Supreme Court Health Care Arguments? Here Are The Week’s Best Punchlines

Inside Up With Chris Hayes: Hayes Responds To Viewers’ Twitter Questions

Opponents Of Citizens United Ruling Complain About Everything Except The Ruling Itself

Elena Kagan Officially Sworn In As Supreme Court Justice

New Study Shows Law Schools Hiring Far More Liberal Professors Than Conservatives

Elena Kagan May Be “Post-Gender,” But The Media Are Not

I Ain’t Gay: Lindsey Graham Apologizes To Suicidal Gays For Not Being Gay

The Situation Room Sees Double With Suzanne Malveaux And Her Twin Sister

Sen. Al Franken Challenges Elena Kagan On Proposed NBC/Comcast Merger

Chris Matthews: Kagan Being Used By GOP As ‘Voodoo Doll’ For Obama

Al Franken Caught Dozing Off During Kagan Testimony

Watch: Elena Kagan’s Opening Statements (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly On Kagan: If You Grow Up On The UWS Of Manhattan You Are A Liberal

Elena Kagan Hearings: “Experience” Is The New “Wise Latina”

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