Fiscal Cliff

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says House Republicans Are Like Preschoolers Eating Play Doh

‘That Is Completely False’: Kirsten Powers And Conservative Guest Battle On Fox Over Obama’s Budget Plans

Reporter Accused Of Wanting President Obama To Murder John Boehner

Obama Says Nothing In Presser, Saves Immigration Reform

GOP vs. GOP: Idaho Congressman Takes Aim At Fellow Republican For Voting Against Boehner

Krugman Slams GOP For Debt Ceiling Threat On ABC’s This Week: ‘This Is Hostage-Taking’

Neil Cavuto Grills GOP Senator: ‘What Happened? You Lost An Election, It Seems Like You Lost Your Backbone’

GOP Rep. Worries Fellow Republicans Will ‘Punish’ Him, ‘Attack His Family’ For Voting Against Boehner

Donald Trump: If I Were House Speaker, ‘Obama Would Have Folded’ On Fiscal Cliff

Nancy Pelosi: Requiring Wealthy Americans To Pay Even More Is ‘Not Off The Table’

Lindsay Graham: ‘All Of Us Should Be Fired’ If Congress Doesn’t Have A Plan To Reduce Debt

Charles Krauthammer On Fox: Sandy Relief Bill Would Have Been A ‘Rape Of The Treasury’

Wall Street Journal On GOP Debt Ceiling Threat: ‘You Can’t Take A Hostage You Aren’t Prepared To Shoot’

Newt Gingrich Calls Republican Debt Ceiling Threat A ‘Dead Loser’

Bill O’Reilly Tears Into ‘Hypocrite’ Al Gore For Trying To Settle Current TV Sale Before Taxes Went Up

How President Obama Can Out-Gator Republicans On Debt Ceiling

Fox ‘Hard’ News Panel Can’t Explain ‘Convoluted’ CBO Report, But Rachel Maddow Can

Harry Reid Threw Obama Proposal Into The Fireplace During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Rep Peter King Backtracks: Boehner Is ‘Voice Of Reason…Despite Some Of The Things I Said Yesterday’

Kirsten Powers On O’Reilly: GOP Is Becoming ‘Irrelevant’ Because They ‘Don’t Understand The Electorate’

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