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Maggie Haberman and Nate Silver Exchange Barbs Over 2016 Coverage

Nate Silver: Trump’s Strong Support Base is Eroding

Nate Silver Warns Media Against ‘Dangerous’ Assumption Trump Isn’t Really Closing in on Hillary

Nate Silver Calls the Election ‘Highly Competitive’ With This New Data From FiveThirtyEight

Trump Tweets Out Nonexistent Poll Showing Him Up In Ohio

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver: Vox Just Rewrites Wikipedia Pages

Ezra Klein Apologizes to Nate Silver for ‘Careless’ FiveThirtyEight Aggregation

MSNBC, 538: ‘The Polls Were Way Off’

FiveThirtyEight Publishes the Most Brutally Honest Editor’s Note Ever

NY Times’ ‘Upshot’ Debuts, Challenges 538′s Senate Predictions

Nate Silver Talks with Jon Stewart About the ‘Rash of Sh*t’ He’s Getting from Dems

Memo to Democrats: Treat Nate Silver Like Vegas

Nate Silver to ABC: GOP Has 60% Shot at Retaking Senate

FiveThirtyEight Kicks Off 2016 Coverage by Declaring GOP Field Historically Divided

Nate Silver Outlines Plans For New ESPN Site

The Best Of Nate Silver’s Reddit Q&A

Betting On Romney? Take A Look At Intrade And Bookies’ Numbers

Mediaite Year One: Legacy Media Gets Social (Sort Of)

Do Rasmussen Polls Lean Right? Nate Silver (Sorta) Defends

Poll: 57% of Americans Are Unaware of – Or Indifferent to – Glenn Beck

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