Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis Revives Hilarious Coach Character for NBC Sports

Mumford & Sons Enlist 4 Of The Funniest Men On Earth For Hilariously Epic Music Video

Who’s Leaving Saturday Night Live After This Season?

SNL Cold Open Decimates Gun Control Compromise: Gun Dealers Must Ask ‘Are You A Good Person?’

Justin Bieber Barely Missed Walking Into ‘Retarded’ Hot Water During SNL Body Double Skit

SNL’s Cut Cold Open Savages Republicans For Their Excessive Praise Of Israel At Chuck Hagel Hearings

On SNL, Wolf Blitzer And CNN Crew Stalk Tampa Socialite Jill Kelley

SNL’s Second Debate: Crap-Talking Candidates, Loud-Mouthed Long Islanders, And Fact-Checking Crowley

SNL Thursday Edition Mocks Fox & Friends For Sugarcoating Romney Gaffes

SNL’s Fred Armisen And Jason Sudeikis Talk Playing Obama & Romney On Meet The Press

Romney And Former GOP Primary Candidates Drink And Sing Together On SNL

SNL’s Mitt Romney Campaigns On A Pro-Everything Platform

Lindsay Lohan Plays Herself In SNL’s ‘Scared Straight’

Mitt Romney Appears On SNL To Reassure Voters That He’s Doing Very Well

Jesus Politely Requests Tim Tebow ‘Take It Down A Notch’ On SNL

Saturday Night Mystery: Who Will Play Tim Tebow On SNL Tonight?

SNL Presents Mitt Romney ‘Raw And Unleashed’

SNL’s Chris Christie Attempts To Get The GOP To Like Mitt Romney

Panel Nerds: A Pleasing Late-Night Comedy Roundtable

SNL’s President Obama Takes Hilarious Osama Bin Laden Victory Lap/Stand-Up Act

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