Saturday Night Mystery: Who Will Play Tim Tebow On SNL Tonight?


It seems that Tim Tebow, the football person who really likes to talk about God, has finally made it– he’s getting his own sketch on Saturday Night Live tonight, if this AP report on the program is any indication. The report, on tonight’s program hosted by SNL alum Jimmy Fallon and hosting musical guest Michael Bublé, reports that the studio was being prepared for a sketch mocking the over-the-top religious displays of the famous player.

The report notes that, following executive producer Lorne Michaels around the set, the topic of at least one sketch was fairly clear:

In the studio, a sketch was being blocked for the cameras: Denver Broncos quarterback (and famously devout Christian) Tim Tebow confronts Jesus in the locker room.

“It’s been rewritten since last night when we read it,” Michaels said. “We read 40-some-odd sketches yesterday, and narrowed them down to the pieces over there” — he pointed to a board with a tentative rundown — “and that’s about 15 minutes (too) long. By the time `(Weekend) Update’ gets done, the show will be maybe 25 minutes long, which is what we’ll go into dress rehearsal with.”

It is still a mystery who will take up the Tebow mantle on the SNL cast, if the sketch airs. Our sister site Sportsgrid predicts it’s either Jason Sudeikis (that’s “Mitt Romney” to most of you) or “this guy” amazing dancing Robyn aficionado/atrocious Jon Huntsman impressionist Taran Killam (and, if you can’t tell, your author’s favorite new cast member). But the odds that host Jimmy Fallon will play the role, if SNL isn’t planning on making him a recurring character, are just as likely.

Mediaite, as usual, will be up all night bringing you the best SNL clips as they air, so remember to give us a visit tonight if you’re not near a TV (or if you are and want to share comments on the sketches with other viewers).

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