Jesse Ventura

Johnson Supporter Jesse Ventura Asks: ‘Who the Hell Cares About Aleppo?’

New Report Claims That American Sniper Chris Kyle Embellished Own Military Award Record

Jesse Ventura Hints At Possible Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Jesse Ventura Hopes Bernie Sanders, Trump Destroy the Dems and GOP for Good

Jesse Ventura to Trump: You Can’t Just Be Benevolent Dictator

Could America Handle a Donald Trump-Jesse Ventura Ticket?

Jesse Ventura Takes the Republican Presidential Field to School

Sons of Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone to Host TV Show Backed by Kremlin

Jesse Ventura on People Calling Chris Kyle a Hero: ‘The Nazis Have Heroes’ Too

Jesse Ventura: American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Is a ‘Liar,’ Not a ‘Hero’

Palin Tears into Ventura for ‘Shaking Down’ SEAL’s Widow: ‘Jackass’

‘I’m Already Damaged’: Jesse Ventura Speaks Out on Lawsuit Victory

Beck Trashes Ventura: He’s Done More to Defame Himself than Anyone Else

Fox & Friends Slams Jesse Ventura: ‘Height of Cruelty to Punish’ Hero’s Widow

Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Suit Against ‘American Sniper’

Jesse Ventura Freaks Out CNBC: I’m ‘Off the Grid’ So ‘Drones Can’t Find Me’

Jesse Ventura Rails Against Congress on CNN: Political ‘Gangs’ Have Legalized ‘Bribery’

Jesse Ventura Rants On Bradley Manning, IRS, And Suing Navy SEAL’s Widow With A Skeptical Piers Morgan

TV And Film Personalities Who Became Politicians (And Vice Versa)

Jesse Ventura: ‘Tough Guys’ From Fox News Can’t ‘Intimidate’ Me, So They Banned Me

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