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Jesse Ventura Calls Sarah Palin “A Quitter,” Part Of Tea Party Conspiracy

This morning’s guest on Fox and Friends warned that the Constitution was under attack and the two-party system was bleeding the nation dry. He made clear his disdain was equal for both the Bush and Obama administrations, and noted that he would only support politicians that are truly independent. And if he hadn’t called Sarah Palin a “quitter” who is “in” on the federal Constitutional takeover the Tea Party activists are also a part of, Jesse Ventura could have almost passed for Glenn Beck. The former Minnesota governor has been making the morning talk show rounds to sell his new book, American Conspiracies, and saved his most special material for the Fox News audience this morning.

Ventura saved his more textbook conspiracy theory agenda for his appearance on the Today show this morning, where he discussed his belief that most “lone gunmen” presidential assassination theories are cover-ups and that the Bush administration allowed the September 11th attacks to happen. But on Fox and Friends, where Steve Doocy explicitly took the topic of 9/11 off the table, Ventura went in a completely new direction with his beliefs. After a few anti-party politics statements (“They vote for their party first, and the United States comes second or third”), the Fox crew asked Ventura about his opinion of the Tea Party activists, to which he said, “I see [the conspiracy] because…where were those guys protesting when we lost habeus corpus, when they violate the fourth amendment of illegal search and seizure? They were nowhere to be found at the point in time.”

He went on to question Fox News correspondent Sarah Palin’s place in the Tea Party movement:

Then again, isn’t Sarah Palin part of them? If she is, then I won’t be a part of it. She’s a quitter…to me, you make a commitment to the voters when you tell them you want to be governor…you don’t quit halfway through to go reap profits and make millions of dollars. That’s what she did.

Not content with attacking one Fox News employee, Ventura ended his interview asking, “How come the three stooges on later at night won’t have me?”

His hosts’ confusion requiring clarification – “O’Reilly, Hannity, and Curly,” he said. Gretchen Carlson suggested it’s “probably because you call them that,” though at least in “Curly’s” case, it’s probably more because Ventura’s a truther than due to any aversion to nicknames.

Ventura’s interview on Fox and Friends below:

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