Jim Lehrer

Former Debate Moderators: It’s Not Our Role to Fact-Check Candidates

Mediaite’s Noah Rothman To WGN’s Carol Roth: Reporters’ ‘Default Position’ Is Dem Line When Playing Pundit

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Turns First Presidential Debate Into Greatest Debate Ever

Jim Lehrer To Hannity: Debate Criticism Stopped Because ‘Spin Doesn’t Work’

Jim Lehrer On Wednesday’s Debate: ‘Twitters And Wah-Wahs’ Expected ‘Canned Answers’

Obama Distracted By Inner Monologue And Altitude During SNL Presidential Debate

Letterman’s Zogby Poll Shows America Has Massive Crush On Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer Responds To His Debate Moderation Critics: I Was ‘Effective’

Jimmy Fallon Shows Candidates Ganging Up On Jim Lehrer: ‘Jim, Shut The F**k Up’

Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Agreed On Something – Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

Did Jim Lehrer’s Meek Performance Remind You Of A Famous Movie Character?

Greta Van Susteren Defends Lehrer: Dems Blaming Him For Obama’s ‘Fumbling, Unprepared’ Performance

Rocky Mountain Lie: Mitt Romney Lost Debate In The Only Way That Doesn’t Matter At All

Why Weren’t Obama And Romney Grilled On Policy Positions At Debate?

Maddow: No Winner In This Debate, But There Is A Loser — Jim Lehrer

Romney To Lehrer: ‘I Love Big Bird’ But I Would Cut Federal Subsidies For PBS

Romney To Obama: Saying I’ll Cut Wealthy’s Taxes Like Lies Of My ‘Five Boys’

Jim Lehrer Explains How Coming Up With Debate Questions Causes Him Undue Stress

Jim Lehrer Reportedly ‘Seething’ Over Criticisms Of Debate Questions, Lack Of Diversity Among Moderators

On GMA, Colbert Predicts Jon Stewart Will ‘Eat Bill O’Reilly’s Liver’ During Debate

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