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Las Vegas Shooting

New Footage Shows Vegas Shooter Bringing Bags Full Of Guns Into Mandalay Bay Hotel

Vegas Shooting Survivor Still Supports Civilian Use of Assault Weapons: Gun ‘Ban’ Not Helpful

WATCH: Country Music Stars Dedicate Touching Grammys Performance to Vegas Shooting Victims

WSJ Reporter Rips Trump For Not Calling for Death Penalty for (Dead) Vegas Shooter

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Slams Gov. Inaction on Bump Stocks: ‘It’s An Absolute Joke’

Political Reactions to Vegas Shooting vs. NYC Attack Reveal Glaring and Dangerous Hypocrisy

Scarborough: Playing Politics After Vegas Shooting Was Denounced, But Trump Got Right To It After NYC Attack

Las Vegas Sheriff: Shooter Fired at Aviation Fuel Tanks ‘With Intent’

Washington Post Editorial Board Calls on Trump to Pass Gun Control: ‘End This American Carnage’

Pro-Gun GOP Congressman Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Auto and Semi-Auto Rifles

Steve Schmidt: ‘It Is Harder to Buy Cough Medicine Than It Is to Buy an AK-47’

Jeffrey Lord Believes Abortion Is the Reason America Experiences So Many Mass Shootings

NRA Says Bump Stocks Should Face ‘Additional Regulations’

Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor Chides Foreigners Lecturing U.S. on Guns: ‘This is an American Conversation’

Paul Ryan: ‘We Need to Look Into’ Legislative Action on Bump Stocks

Conservative NY Times Columnist Calls For Repealing 2nd Amendment After Vegas

Jimmy Kimmel Offers Rare Praise For Trump Las Vegas Visit: ‘He Did Good Today!’

Tomi Lahren: ‘When You Have a Gun-Free Zone, You’re Neutering Everyone There’

Sean Hannity Chokes Up While Speaking to Vegas Survivors: ‘Unfathomable to Me’

Vegas Massacre Hero Offers Harrowing Account on CNN: ‘I Thought Honestly I Would Die’

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