Mediaite’s Larry O’Connor Chides Foreigners Lecturing U.S. on Guns: ‘This is an American Conversation’

Mediaite contributing editor Larry O’Connor appeared on Fox Business to discuss his thoughts about the ongoing gun control debate, and how America doesn’t need any “condescending” lectures on the subject from foreigners.

O’Connor recently wrote a column where he hammered Trevor Noah and James Corden for injecting their opinions about gun violence into the conversation that followed the Las Vegas Shooting. O’Connor spoke about his piece with Stuart Varney (a naturalized British-American), where he called the gun debate an “American conversation” that disdainful non-Americans need not contribute to.

“In my article I cited James Madison’s Federalist Papers, Number 46 in particular, who talks about the reason why we have the Second Amendment. It wasn’t about hunting, it wasn’t about skeet shooting. And I cite sadly Trevor Noah’s own country of South Africa. In apartheid South Africa, the black Africans in that country were not allowed to own guns. But the white Africans, the minority, they were not only allowed to own guns, the government encouraged them to own guns. If black Africans in South Africa were armed, do we think apartheid would have lasted as long as it did? I don’t think it did.”

In terms of the debate on bump stocks, O’Connor said it makes sense to examine modifiers that allow guns to mimic the functionality of banned automatic weapons.

“I think you will see some legislation moving forward on that,” O’Connor said. “But at same time, everyone here, everyone who loves the Second Amendment, worries about slippery slope.”

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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