Latino Vote

Peggy Noonan’s Dominican Friend Supports Donald Trump

No GOP Candidates Will Attend Biggest Latino Advocacy Conference

Former Romney Adviser Charges ‘Far Right’ With Taking GOP Where ‘It Doesn’t Belong’

Obama: If I Win, It’s Largely Because Romney, GOP ‘So Alienated’ Latinos

Jeb Defends George W: As Kids, ‘We Were Spanked’ If We Pushed Others Down Like Obama Is

Los Panderos: Jon Stewart Chronicles Both Candidates’ Pandering To Latinos

Latino Voters More Enthusiastic About Obama After Immigration Announcement, Poll Says

George Will: If Romney Falls Below 31% With Latino Voters, ‘He’s Going To Lose’

Obama Admin To Halt Deportation, Grant Work Permits To Young Illegal Immigrants

Singer Romeo Santos Talks To Soledad O’Brien About Promoting The Latino Vote

Report: Many Latino Mormons Are Upset With Romney’s Stance On Immigration

Mitt Romney On Fox & Friends: ‘I Wish I Could Claim I Was Hispanic’

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Butchered Spanish During Puerto Rico Trip

Stephen Colbert To Obama: Controlling The Border With An Alligator-Filled Moat Was My Idea!

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