Report: Peter Thiel and Nick Denton Looking to Cut Deal After Decade-Long Feud

Law Prof Smacks Down CNN Chris Cuomo’s Claim That It’s Illegal To Possess Wikileaks Emails

Ted Cruz’s Failure to Disclose Wall Street Loan is a Real Legal Problem

A Cannabis Cold Brew? ‘Wake and Bake’ Will Never Be the Same

Paula Deen’s Lawyers Cite Prop. 8 Ruling In Attempt To Force Dismissal Of Racism Case

Sony Sends Cease-And-Desist To Jon Favreau For Ripping Off Their Bradley Cooper Chef Flick

WATCH: Judge Orders Mediation For Macy’s And JCPenny In Martha Stewart Case

Olympian Oscar Pistorius Breaks Down In Court, Faces ‘Premeditated Murder’ Charge

Olympian Oscar Pistorius Charged With Murder Of Girlfriend

Another Reason To Hate Lawyers; Threatening To Sue Over The Newtown Massacre

Justice Antonin Scalia: The Constitution Is ‘Dead, Dead, Dead’

Nancy Grace And Dan Abrams Spar: ‘The Death Penalty Is Funny To You, But It’s Not Funny To Me’

Charlie Rose Agrees To Pay Up To $250K To Settle Unpaid Intern Lawsuit

Justice Scalia: ‘If We Cannot Have Moral Feelings Against Homosexuality, Can We Have It Against Murder?’

Dan Abrams Makes The Case Against Electing Judges

Guy Fieri Lambo Update: Prosecutors Call For More Charges Against Teen Thief

Marco Pierre White’s Estranged Wife Beats His Range Rover With a Child’s Scooter (Allegedly)

Graham Elliot Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Waiters, Now Hiring

Does NYC Resto Phillipe Have A Secret Pot-Smoking Chamber For Celebs?

Does Gordon Ramsay Have Naked Photos Of His Father-In-Law’s Mistress?

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