Report: Peter Thiel and Nick Denton Looking to Cut Deal After Decade-Long Feud

Law Prof Smacks Down CNN Chris Cuomo’s Claim That It’s Illegal To Possess Wikileaks Emails

Ted Cruz’s Failure to Disclose Wall Street Loan is a Real Legal Problem

A Cannabis Cold Brew? ‘Wake and Bake’ Will Never Be the Same

Paula Deen’s Lawyers Cite Prop. 8 Ruling In Attempt To Force Dismissal Of Racism Case

Sony Sends Cease-And-Desist To Jon Favreau For Ripping Off Their Bradley Cooper Chef Flick

Olympian Oscar Pistorius Breaks Down In Court, Faces ‘Premeditated Murder’ Charge

Another Reason To Hate Lawyers; Threatening To Sue Over The Newtown Massacre

Nancy Grace And Dan Abrams Spar: ‘The Death Penalty Is Funny To You, But It’s Not Funny To Me’

Charlie Rose Agrees To Pay Up To $250K To Settle Unpaid Intern Lawsuit

Justice Scalia: ‘If We Cannot Have Moral Feelings Against Homosexuality, Can We Have It Against Murder?’

Dan Abrams Makes The Case Against Electing Judges

Guy Fieri Lambo Update: Prosecutors Call For More Charges Against Teen Thief

Marco Pierre White’s Estranged Wife Beats His Range Rover With a Child’s Scooter (Allegedly)

Graham Elliot Settles Lawsuit With Ex-Waiters, Now Hiring

Does NYC Resto Phillipe Have A Secret Pot-Smoking Chamber For Celebs?

Does Gordon Ramsay Have Naked Photos Of His Father-In-Law’s Mistress?

Two American Kids Shipped To France In One Of The Worst Custody Decisions. Ever.

Jay-Z Drops Fried Chicken Suit Against Chef, Still Won’t Give His Laptop Back

Question Of The Year Answered: Where Is Guy Fieri’s Stolen Lamborghini?

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