Liam Neeson

A Sandwich Shop Posted a Sign That Said ‘Liam Neeson Eats Here For Free,’ and Guess Who Showed Up?

In the Love Actually Mini-Sequel Trailer, the Cast Debates Who’s Aged the Best

Gun Supplier for Taken 3 Not Happy with Liam Neeson’s Comments About Guns

Liam Neeson on Paris Shooting: ‘Too Many F*cking Guns Out There’

Concha: Mayor de Blasio Blames Media for NYPD Divide; Forgets to Look Inward

Bill Maher Attacks Liam Neeson for ‘Going Out of His Way to Champion Animal Abuse’

SNL’s Obama and Liam Neeson Stand Up to Putin With Explosions and Shirtless Horsebacking

SNL’s Nicholas Cage Harrasses Liam Neeson For Stealing His Movie

Release The Kraken! The Internet Has A Fun New (Media) Meme

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