Release The Kraken! The Internet Has A Fun New (Media) Meme

By now you’ve all seen those ads for the just-released fantasy epic Clash of the Titans, with Liam Neeson as Zeus declaring from on high, “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” The Kraken is a giant sea monster with huge tentacles and rows of razor-sharp teeth. Ooh scary, how will the hot Australian guy from Avatar defeat it? But more importantly, “The Kraken” has now become a nerdy Internet punchline, because it’s fun to make jokes about something called “The Kraken.” See here and here and here.

Urlesque knows this, and thus got out in front of the Kraken meme early, creating a series of “Release the Kraken” photo mashups that took Zeus’ imperious words to the logical next level. Like this:

Then they invited their readers to do the same, prompting some hilarious reader submissions, of which this is my hands-down favorite:

Haaa. The Internet loves cats.

The moral of the story: “The Kraken” can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it’s huge and powerful and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. And it got me thinking, hmmmm, in the world of media, whatever did that remind me of? So, without further ado, I shall RELEASE THE MEDIA KRAKEN! Oh, you’ll want to click to the next page for this, trust me.


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