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Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Preemptively Speaks Out Over Potential Exposé: ‘Felt the Need to Get Ahead of This’

Megyn Kelly Passes The Network Interview Test As Anti-Trump Critics Predictably Pounce

Here Are All the Confirmed Guests for ‘Megyn Kelly Presents’ and Some Are Unexpected

Ted Cruz’s Flashy New Line Against Trump Comes From a Sorkin Film

Thanks To Michael Douglas, Megyn Kelly Spent 5 Awkward Minutes Talking About Cunnilingus On Fox

Is This Really How Michael Douglas Got Throat Cancer?

Steven Soderbergh To NY Post: Liberace Biopic Was ‘Too Gay’ For Theaters

Michael Douglas Tells Oprah: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Bipolar Disorder Was ‘Outed’

Michael Douglas Tells NBC’s Matt Lauer: “Cancer Put A Timeline On My Life”

Standing Up For Stand Up 2 Cancer

O Nerdprom! My Nerdprom! Highlights From WHCD 2010

Who’s Your Favorite Evening Newscast…Voiceover Guy?

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