O Nerdprom! My Nerdprom! Highlights From WHCD 2010

The White House Correspondents Dinner is a dinner, yes, but it’s also a weekend — of pre-parties, post-parties, garden parties, brunch parties, see-and-be-seen parties, off-the-record parties, power parties and, for those rejected by imperious clipboard-wielding doorpeople, pity parties. It is less a weekend, however, for political parties — when you’re crushed in the fluorescent-lit throngs of the Washington Hilton’s nether regions, there is no left or right. There is only forward, through the crowd, suddenly coming awkwardly face-to-face with Tim Geithner or Kim Kardashian or Larry King or Donatella Versace or Gabourey Sidibe or Charlie Rose or Bradley Cooper or Scarlett Johannsen or Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose tux would be made famous later that night, or Michael Douglas, who no doubt inspired a few Gordon Gekko-Goldman Sachs jokes, or Madeline Albright or, be still my beating heart, Chace Crawford (or, be still my beating heart, Senator Scott Brown). Where just as many flashbulbs go off for Eric Cantor as for Rosario Dawson, where Betty White mixes with General George Casey, where Andrew Breitbart breathes the same sweaty air as Robert Gibbs — there was all that and more Saturday night at the Hilton, not to mention Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day until the mimosas stopped flowing.

Oh yes, and the president was there, too. Good times.


This collection of way too many photos is divided into two sections: The Dinner, and Everything Else (Brunches, Pre-Parties, Awkward Walks of Shame). It’s loosely chronological, contains many boldfaced names, and a few tidbits from my memory of the evening. Of course, if you need more the #nerdprom hashtag is always there for you. But you won’t need more.

Greta van Susteren and Kim Kardashian. I heard about no celebrity at the WHCD more than I heard about Kim Kardashian. And judging from the swarms of people jockeying for photos, she was probably the one most captured on film. Er.

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, alone and defenseless walking down the ramp into the Atlantic/National Journal party, just waiting to be accosted by partygoers who have a yen to talk economic policy (or, the Yen, har har). I stand by my previous assertions that he sort of looks like a Klingon. (Hey, they don’t call it NerdProm for nothing.)


This may be my favorite photo from the WHCD: Larry King with Rachelle Hruska, while quietly over their shoulder Jason Binn looks on, Cheshire Cat-like. Later that night Binn would host the Capitol File party at which I would see Dennis Quaid and eat many salted caramels. Both were delicious. As for Larry King and Rachelle….they look great. What, you were expecting another caption?

I didn’t take this photo, I just like looking at it. Just kidding. Mostly. At any rate, if you don’t already know: That’s Justin Bieber, and you will never be as accomplished as his hair. (Photo courtesy Guest of a Guest)

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