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MTV Movie Awards

MTV is Doing Away with ‘Gendered’ Awards Because … Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

WATCH: Maxine Waters Introduce ‘Best Fight Against The System’ at the MTV Movie Awards

MTV Will Start Honoring Television During Their Famous Movie Awards

Let’s All Rewatch Ryan Reynolds Whispering ‘What the F*ck…?’ at the MTV Movie Awards

The Lonely Island Did a Musical Tribute to Will Smith at the MTV Movie Awards

The Straight Outta Compton Cast Accepted an MTV Movie Award and Shaded the Oscars

The MTV Movie Awards Just Unleashed a Rap About Leo DiCaprio You Need to Hear

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Opened the MTV Movie Awards With Quite a Bang

WATCH: MTV 2016 Movie Awards Red Carpet

Mark Wahlberg Drops a Ton of F-Bombs in MTV Movie Awards Speech

Seth Rogen Makes Out with His Mom at the MTV Movie Awards

Conan Rounds Up Celebrity Army and Jams on Guitar to Kick off MTV Movie Awards

Conan O’Brien Will Spoil Game of Thrones to Make You Watch the MTV Movie Awards

Diamond In The Rough: Johnny Depp Performs With The Black Keys At MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand’s Raunchy MTV Movie Awards Intro Ponders Justin Bieber Doing Jail Time

BuzzFeed Weekly Viral Forecast: Massive Facebook Party, Sarah Palin, Weinergate, And More

They’re Just Like Us: At MTV Movie Awards, Stars Poke Fun Of Blake Lively’s Nude Photo Scandal

Robert Pattinson Drops An F-Bomb During The MTV Movie Awards

Taylor Lautner And Robert Pattinson ‘Make Out’ At The MTV Movie Awards

Watch Every F**king F-Bomb Said Live On The Air At The MTV Movie Awards

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