NMA News

Did The Taiwanese Animation Version Of Murdoch’s Pieing Really Need A Sex Scene?

Thank You, NMA, For That Animated Cartoon Of Osama Bin Laden Being Blown Up And Raped By Pigs

The Year Of Taiwanese Animation Ends With A Laser-Shooting Baby New Year

NMA Animation Suggests Obama Has A Lot To Learn From “Big Dog” Bill Clinton

NMA News Takes On The Simpsons/Fox News Fight

NMA’s Most Ambitious Video: Tackling Global Economy With USA/China Rap Battle

How Did Taiwan’s NMA News Cover The Election? About As Hilariously As Expected

Most Insane NMA Video Ever? Jon Stewart Gives Obama A Backrub While Arianna Whips Writers

“Kooky Carl” Paladino Depicted As Old-School Mobster In NMA Animated News

News Animation Goes Political: Knocks Pres. Obama Speech In New Video

NMA News Gives Us Rupert Murdoch As A Shark In WSJ Vs. NYT Cartoon Short

Taiwanese NMA News Confuses Marie Antoinette And Madonna In Michelle Obama CGI Report

Sarah Palin’s 2012 Campaign Gets The Taiwanese CGI Treatment

Another Taiwanese Al Gore News Cartoon (Yeah, This One’s Even Weirder)

Taiwanese News Service Covers Al Gore Sex Scandal With…A Cartoon

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