Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller Shares Anti-Migrant Video That Is Such an Obvious Hoax You Can See Its Film Crew

Pamela Geller to Geraldo Rivera: Why Should I ‘Pat on the Back’ Muslims Who Don’t Want to Kill Me?

Pamela Geller Attacks Megyn Kelly For Having a ‘Mancut’: She ‘Wants To Be Diane Sawyer’

Breitbart Writer Says Hillary Clinton Has ‘Declared’ She’s Going to Shut Down Breitbart

Sean Hannity’s Go-To Radical Imam Convicted of Supporting ISIS

Pam Geller is Convinced That Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Are Definitely ‘Lesbians’

Pam Geller Can’t Stand That an American Olympic Athlete Wants to Wear Her Hijab

Pam Geller on Loretta Lynch Scrutinizing Anti-Muslim Speech: ‘Come and Get Me, Biatch!’

Remember When Trump Thought It Was Bad Form for Pamela Geller to Antagonize Muslims?

The Only GOP Refugee Plan Is Just a Naked Appeal to Islamophobia

Pamela Geller Files Lawsuit To Get Muhammad Cartoons on D.C Metro

Former Marine Announces New ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest in New Hampshire

Pamela Geller Is a ‘Social Liberal,’ Agrees with Lindsey Graham on One Point

Pamela Geller: O’Reilly Won’t Have Me On, ‘He Knows He Would Be Shown Up’

Hannity, Pam Geller Pile on CNN’s Burnett for Asking Geller If She ‘Relishes’ Threats

CNN’s Jake Tapper to Pamela Geller: ‘Is This Worth Dying For?’

Geller to CNN’s Cuomo: ‘They’re Going to Come for You, Too, Chris’

Pamela Geller Reacts to Reported Targeting by Terror Suspect: ‘This Is a War’

From Geller to Bush to Duggar Exclusive, Megyn Kelly Enjoying a Good Month

Megyn Kelly Goes After CNN’s Cuomo for Comparing Muhammad Cartoon to ‘N-Word’

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