Pat Robertson Appalled by MSNBC Success: ‘Rachel Maddow of All People is Number One!’


In addition to insisting the Eric Bolling scandal was a conspiracy (though he’s not a conspiracy theorist), television preacher and Christian Broadcasting chief Pat Robertson also took some time yesterday to bemoan the ratings success of MSNBC — and the corresponding woes at the (formerly) Fair and Balanced network Fox News.

“MSNBC is now winning the demographic ratings against Fox, they’ve got the demos, which is the 18 to 49 young people, isn’t that amazing.”

Robertson’s longtime co-host Terry Meeuwsen offered the Silk to Robertson’s Diamond.

“MSNBC, really?” she said in disbelief.

Rachel Maddow of all people is number one, but Fox is self-imposed wounds,” said Robertson.

As this website predicted, Rachel Maddow has indeed been dominating the ratings since Fox News expelled Bill O’Reilly and reshuffled their prime time line up. The implosion of Eric Bolling will no doubt add to the network’s woes. In his segment, Robertson warned that Fox’s troubles stemmed from kowtowing to sexual harassment lawyers and that programming decisions needed to be put back in the hands of professionals.

“Those lawyers better get out of the picture and let the programmers run that network,” said Robertson.

Despite fading into obscurity during the Obama era, the televangelist has enjoyed a surge of relevancy in his golden years, even getting a presidential interview last month with Donald Trump.

…AGAIN, much love to @Yashar for the clip.

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