Feds Threatened to Fine Yahoo $250,000/Day for Not Turning Over User Data

Don’t Prizz In Your Pants: Feds Not Actually Flagging ‘Pressure Cooker’ Google Searches

New Guardian Revelations Show Microsoft Helped NSA Get Direct Access To User Messages

This NSA Scandal Is A White People Problem

Yahoo Reportedly Fought Against NSA’s PRISM Program In 2008 (And Lost) Before Joining

Democrat Skipped November NSA Briefing, Now Claims Congress Was Never Told Of Surveillance Programs

Fulsome Prism Blues: The Guardian Offers 2nd-Worst Clarification Ever On NSA Story

How Does He Keep Getting A Platform? Bill Kristol’s History Of Terrible Predictions And Bad Advice

Did PRISM Really Help Foil NYC Terrorist Attack? Documents Show Otherwise…

Facebook, Google Use Suspiciously Similar Language To Deny Giving NSA Access To Servers

Glenn Greenwald Strikes Again: Top Secret Directive Shows Obama Ordered List Of Targets For Cyber Attacks

Coulter Blasts Obama For NSA Snooping: Cares More About ‘Harassing Americans’ Than Fighting Terrorism

Apple, Google Deny Giving NSA ‘Back Door’ Access To Systems, Claim ‘Never Heard Of PRISM’

Since 2007, NSA & FBI Also Mining Data From Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AOL, YouTube

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