Ralph Northam

Protestors Chant For Northam’s Resignation Outside State Capitol: ‘We Got the Guillotine, You Better Run!’

Trump Falsely Claims Gov. Ralph Northam Called to ‘Execute the Baby!’

Trump Mocks Northam at El Paso Rally: ‘He Almost Moonwalked!’

Gayle King Corrects Gov. Northam About ‘Indentured Servants’: ‘Also Known as Slavery’

SNL’s Weekend Update Takes on Virginia Blackface Scandals, Gucci Sweaters and Liam Neeson

CNN’s State of the Union Blows Up Over Northam and Racism: ‘This is Not About President Donald Trump!’

Ralph Northam Tells CBS He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’: VA ‘Needs Someone That Can Heal’

Trump Draws Criticism for Boasting African Americans ‘Very Angry’ About Northam Blackface

Ralph Northam Says He’s Planning ‘Reconciliation Tour’ in New Interview: ‘I Have a Lot More to Learn’

National Black Farmers Association President on Meeting With Northam: He Was Sincere, I Believe in Redemption

Ralph Northam Reportedly Was Set to Resign Immediately After Scandal Hit, Then Changed His Mind

The Late Show Previews the Next Virginia Politician Scandal: ‘We Ate a Drifter Who We Boiled in a Cannibal Cookpot’

Media Ignores Trump’s Dangerous ‘Execute a Baby’ Lie, Which Has Gotten People Killed Before

TBT: Joy Behar Admitted to Dressing as an ‘African Woman’ for Halloween That Included Dark Makeup

Washington Post Editorial Board Calls for Virginia Governor to Resign: ‘Mr. Northam’s Time Is Up’

COOL TIMELINE: Lt. Gov. Fairfax Hired Brett Kavanaugh’s Law Firm. His Accuser Hired Christine Blasey-Ford’s.

If Scandal Brings Down Virginia’s Top Three Officials, the Next in Line For Governor is… A Republican

VA Sen. Mark Warner: ‘This Has Been an Awful Week For Virginia’

Twitter Blows Up Amid NEW Blackface Scandal and Report on Profane Fairfax Remarks: ‘What’s the Matter With Virginia?’

Is Republican Oppo Research Really This Awful, Or is the News Media Not Doing Its Job?

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