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Sam Seder

MSNBC Rehires Sam Seder After Firing Him Over Alt-Right Smear Campaign

MSNBC Reportedly Cutting Ties to Contributor Sam Seder Over Old Polanski Rape Joke

Here Are the Teams from MSNBC’s ‘All In 2016 Fantasy Candidate Draft’

Martin Bashir Tries and Fails to Get Guest to Call Sarah Palin Racist

Muslim Author Reza Aslan: I Knew ‘What I Was Getting Into’ By Going On Fox News

Can Keith Olbermann Win A War With MSNBC?

Latest Way Obama Will Ruin America: Giving Back Manhattan To The Indians!?

MSNBC’s Countdown Slams Right-Wing Views On Global Warming As Ignorant

Hawaii’s New Birther Campaign Awakens Ghost Of Orly Taitz On MSNBC

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