MSNBC Reportedly Cutting Ties to Contributor Sam Seder Over Old Polanski Rape Joke


MSNBC has cut ties with contributor Sam Seder, allegedly over a tweet he wrote in 2009.

Seder’s contract isn’t up until February but the network is so upset over the tweet that he will not be making any more appearances.

The Twitter account for his show Majority Report tweeted out a link to the initial report on the news.

Just just how bad is it? Well, it’s a rape joke involving a young girl and notorious film director Roman Polanski.

“Don’t care re Polanski, but I hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/ a great sense of mise en scene,” he wrote in 2009.

Seder, however, took to his podcast to accuse members of the alt-right, namely Sebastian Gorka and Pizzagate “guru” Mike Cernovich, of conducting a smear campaign, noting that the original tweet was sarcastic, meant to lampoon liberals who continue to defend artists they admire long after they have been accused of doing awful things. It must be noted that 2009 saw a major push by members of the creative community to allow Polanski to return to America.

“This smear involves the willful misinterpretation of a tweet that I posted in 2009,” he said. “I will never be ashamed of criticizing those who would excuse the predation of women or girls.”

Seder also attempted to explain why he deleted the tweet last week, after noticing that Cernovich and others had begun ceaselessly retweeting it as part of their smear campaign.

“Before realizing that this was a concerted effort to smear me and silence my criticism of Roy Moore and those, including Donald Trump, who would defend a predator of young girls,” he said. “I deleted that tweet out of expedience. I regret that now.”

“If they succeed in getting me fired, or scaring my advertisers away, they will continue until they have silenced anyone who would criticize Roy Moore, criticize President Trump or criticize the conservative movement.”

It looks like they may have succeeded in getting him fired, much to the chagrin of media personalities on Twitter.

There is one personality who is doing a victory lap right about now, the bomb-throwing Cernovich.

Cernovich has long used his massive Twitter following to conduct smear campaigns against individuals he disagrees with, often accusing them of being pedophiles. It has been one year since Edgar Maddison Welch infiltrated pizza shop Comet Ping Pong, armed with an AR-15 and a revolver, after the PizzaGate conspiracy theory pushed by Cernovich and others spread around.

That was a thing that actually happened and, thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Cernovich has also accused Super Deluxe video editor Vic Berger of being a pedophile, and was involved with disseminating a doctored photo that showed protesters holding a NAMBLA sign, when in fact they were holding a sign protesting the alt-right. In other words, yeah, this guy is obsessed with child sex.

Seder’s tweet was still stupid as hell, but a fireable offense? Not so sure.

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