Special Report with Bret Baier

Krauthammer Responds to Scaramucci Comments: ‘Degradation of the Presidency’

Before Interview Aired, George Will Went Off on ‘Unhinged’ O’Reilly Segment

McCarthy Clarifies: ‘Never My Intention’ to Say Committee Is Political

Ben Carson ‘Irritated’ that Gay Rights Gets Equated to Civil Rights

Krauthammer Knows Exactly How Sony Can ‘Screw Over’ North Korea

Dick Cheney: ‘I Haven’t Read’ CIA Torture Report but It’s ‘Full of Crap’

Krauthammer Tells Fox Benghazi Is ‘Done’: ‘The Administration Has Won’

Krauthammer, Fox Panel React to Assad Interview: He’s ‘Delusional,’ ‘Totally Nonsensical’

Fox ‘Hard’ News Panel Can’t Explain ‘Convoluted’ CBO Report, But Rachel Maddow Can

Bret Baier Factchecks New Obama Book: No Fox Host Has Ever Called President Obama Muslim

Report: Bret Baier’s Special Report Is Most Fair And Balanced To GOP Candidates

Charles Krauthammer: ‘The Republicans Have Been Entirely Outplayed’ On Payroll Tax Cut

Rick Perry Tells Fox Panel He Supports A Unilateral No-Fly Zone Against Syria

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