Tashfeen Malik

FBI Director: No Evidence San Bernardino Shooters Pledged to Wage Jihad on Social Media (UPDATED)

Report: U.S. Officials Deliberately Ignored Social Media When Vetting Visa Applicants

Gunman’s Father Placed on FBI Watch List After San Bernardino Attacks

FBI: Both San Bernardino Suspects Were Radicalized ‘For Quite Some Time’

New Photo Emerges of San Bernardino Suspects Entering United States

Police Raid Home of Former Neighbor Who Purchased Weapons for San Bernardino Shooters

ISIS Radio Station Hails San Bernardino Shooters As ‘Martyrs’

Carson: If San Bernardino Shooters Passed Vetting, ‘End of the Argument’ on Refugees

First Photo Released of San Bernardino Suspect Tashfeen Malik

Attys. for Family of Shooting Suspects Hold Bizarre Presser, Defend Islam, Invoke Britney Spears

MSNBC’s Live Tour of #SBShooting Killers’ Apartment is Most Awful Thing Ever

Trump Confident San Bernardino Shooters Were Terrorists: ‘Look at the Names’

Farook’s Coworker Speaks Out: ‘He Married a Terrorist’

Gunman Family Lawyer Compares San Bernardino to Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Investigators Believe Female San Bernardino Shooter Swore ISIS Allegiance

President Obama Must Call Our Enemy By Its Name

San Bernardino Shooting Couple Had a Baby, Appeared to Live ‘the American Dream’

Syed Farook’s Brother-in-Law ‘In Shock’ After San Bernardino Shooting

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