Police Raid Home of Former Neighbor Who Purchased Weapons for San Bernardino Shooters


As the investigation continues on the San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, law enforcement officers said they have raided the home of Farook’s former neighbor who might have purchased two of the guns the couple used in their massacre.

During the early stages of the attack on the Inland Community Center, authorities confirmed that the deadly couple were armed with an assortment of pipe bombs, as well as four firearms, two of which they bought themselves. As for the other two semiautomatic rifles, Enrique Marquez Jr., Farook’s former neighbor and friend, is thought to have been the third-party purchaser.

Marquez’s photo was reported by ABC 7’s Darsha Philips, who said it was the most recent photo of him available:

While the case is still ongoing, a source told the Sacramento Bee that officials have been trying to talk to Marquez about what he knew about Farook and assess whether he had any direct connection to the violence that left 14 dead and others injured.

According to ABC, the FBI does not consider Marquez a suspect as of yet, but officers appeared at his former home over the weekend with a search warrant, and ended up taking a box with them as they left.

Marquez has not spoken with law enforcement since the shooting, and the Washington Post reported that he checked himself into a mental health clinic after it happened.

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