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White Supremacists

Mark Steyn Bashes Immigrants: At Least ‘White Supremacists are American Citizens’

WATCH: Steve Bannon Denounces Nazis, KKK: ‘There’s No Room in American Society’ For Them

Axelrod: Trump Sent ‘Dog Whistles’ to White Supremacists, Was ‘Bleaching Their White Robes’

‘You Just Decried Both Sides!’ Tapper Grills WH Advisor Bossert on Charlottesville

CNN’s John King: Why Couldn’t Trump Tell White Supremacists ‘Go Away, You Have No Place’?

Sally Yates: It ‘Takes Less Than 140 Characters’ to Condemn Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists

Twitter CEO Apologizes for ‘Automated’ Promotion of White Supremacist Ad

White Nationalist Tells Reporter: Donald Trump’s ‘Arrow Is Pointing In Our Direction’

Soledad O’Brien Is Alarmed by the Airtime Nets Like CNN Are Giving to White Supremacists

Dem Rep. Asked FBI Director at Hearing About Trump Retweeting White Supremacists

Nazi Group from Sacramento Skirmish Offers to Protect Trump Supporters

White Nationalist Envisions a Trump Administration That’s ‘Extremely Useful to Us’

Hillary: Trump ‘Plays Coy with White Supremacists’

White Supremacist Party Releases Proposed Trump Cabinet and It’s Predictably Bonkers

Trump on White Supremacist Support: ‘Hate Groups Are Not for Me’

Beck: Trump Won’t Condemn White Supremacists, Their Votes Could ‘Put Him Over the Top’

Tapper to Trump: You Think You Can Win Over Minorities After RTing White Supremacists?

Poll: ‘Religious and Racial Intolerance Pervades’ Among Trump’s S.C. Supporters

Okay, Fine. Trump Won’t Accept the White Supremacist’s Money

White Supremacist Site Attributes Traffic Increase, Server Upgrade to Trump

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