CNN’s Elie Honig Explains Why Georgia Criminal Probe Into Alleged Election Interference Presents a ‘Real Threat’ for Trump


A criminal investigation into election interference by former President Donald Trump has been launched in the state of Georgia, based on a leaked phone call which revealed the former president asking Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to switch the state of Georgia’s electoral votes from Joe Biden to Trump.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and CNN contributor Elie Honig explained to viewers why this criminal probe presents a serious problem for the former president who is also under impeachment trial for allegedly inciting violence that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The New York Times reports:

The Fulton County investigation comes on the heels of a decision Monday by Mr. Raffensperger’s office to open an administrative inquiry.

Ms. Willis has been weighing for several weeks whether to open an inquiry, after Mr. Trump’s phone call to Mr. Raffensperger on Jan. 2 alarmed election experts who call it an extraordinary intervention into a state’s electoral process.

That call was one of several attempts Mr. Trump made to persuade top Republican officials in the state to uncover instances of voting fraud that might change the outcome. He also called Gov. Brian Kemp in early December and pressured him to call a special legislative session to overturn his election loss. Later that month, Mr. Trump called a state investigator and pressed the official to “find the fraud,” according to those with knowledge of the call.

After breaking the news, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto asked his guest for the significance and likelihood that it could lead to criminal prosecution.

“It’s absolutely significant any time there’s a criminal prosecution,” Honig replied, adding could it lead to something? Sure.” He then explained that to ask or solicit any person to count votes that were not actually cast, is essentially a crime under Georgia state law.

Honig then posited Trump’s likely defense suggesting the former president will say “but I honestly believe that I won the state.” But Honig then noted the damning specificity of Donald Trump’s language, paraphrasing him as saying “I need you to find these votes, 11,780, one more than he needed to win the state.”

“There’s a real threat here,” Honig asserted, adding “It’s also not the only problem Donald Trump is facing. We have ongoing investigations by state prosecutors in New York as well.”

Watch above via CNN.

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